Thursday, 28 February 2008

You're an Arse!! #01

Pete Doherty
W.I.P. Still got a wee bit to do on Petey boy here. My aim here is to paint this one up on canvas soon. I'll post the progress as it goes along.

Amy Whinehouse

Michael Jackson

And so begins the feature, "You're an Arse!!!"

These guys are all caricatures in their own right, what a waste of talent! (except Doherty, who had no talent to start with!)

All digitally painted with Corel PainterX


francois said...

woa!!!! very good performance.....amazing....Doherty is my prefered

hanzz said...

What Pete has no talent ? Does he knows already ?

Nice thing going Craig ! I'l put you in my linkss.

Mark Baker said...

nice work man