Sunday, 9 March 2008

Digi Allen

Click pics for a larger view.

This was mainly done with Photoshop CS and some of the finer detail was in PainterX. I need work on the hair a bit more, looks a bit crap just now.

I'm gonna try to lay off this digital stuff for a while and concentrate my efforts into painting with traditional materials again. Digi stuff is real fun to do but there's nothing more rewarding than having an actual tangeble canvas to hang up(or sell) when you're finished. My trouble is that I can't match the standard of the traditional to the digital, so I usually get frustrated and revert back. Only way to get better is stick at it I guess!

I've got an acrylic painting of Noel Gallagher on the easel just now, seems like its been on there forever. Should be finished within the next few days so I'll fire it on here at my soonest.

Cheers for now!


hanzz said...

Wait a minute you've gotten this far ,you want to give up and do something else?

(I'm sorry, now you've lost me...please make me understand)

Neil Davies said...

Just found your blog, what a great title! I feel the same about the two mediums, I can't yet match my digital stuff with the traditional. I'm trying to keep both on the go!

Mark Baker said...

top class work. well done