Thursday, 28 February 2008


Always thought I needed a car and a game missus to go blogging???? Turns out I don't!

Anyways here I am, the artist formally known as Craig is... The Facelifter! Yup, after months of deciding what to call my new Caricature Website/Blog/Business, thats what I've settled for. I've always wanted to be a "the" something!! (other than.... nah, I'll keep it clean for the first post)

The plan for this blog is to post my doodles, sketches, paintings & digital work and occasionally fire in some bits and pieces of entertaining tack from the web, just to keep it a bit more interesting.

My old webspace is still up so if you haven't already checked it out, click the link on the side there that says "Old Site". It probably wont be updated again but be sure to head back here for updates and info on the new official "Facelifter" site.

Cheers for now


THE Facelifter!!!

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Anonymous said...

I guy formerly known as Canadan has visited this work Craig did you see my stuff over at