Thursday, 18 March 2010


As I don't do live caricatures, I seldom get the chance to see the initial reactions of the recipient so it's always fantastic for me to get great feedback from the some of the commissions I do.

This pic was passed on to me, I'm told he thought it was the business and even took it to his party to show all the guests. Job done! :)

Click for a closer look


ren.g said...

wow excelent work sir...superb

Unknown said...

Nice work Craig - always a buzz to get these - mate that's one hell of a golf club !!

Inkwell said...

hi Craig
Its taken me a while to catch up with u but loving your work!!


flats said...

Hi Craig.... Great work man also like the new web site

Toby Kinread said...

Awesome picture:)
I'm a 15 year old caricature beginner from Enlgand and I would love for you to look at/follow my blog:
Feel free to comment, Thanks:)

Mônico Reis said...

Beautiful work!
I have enjoyed your work. Congratulations.
A hug.
Monico - Brazil