Saturday, 11 July 2009

Coming Soon.....

I'm a right lazy bastard, no posts since October???, I should be ashamed!

Since my last post the highlights have been, changing the odd nappy, getting engaged, watching the whole US office season 1-5 back to back, grown my hair long, had a haircut, learned the difference between a ninky nonk and a pinky ponk, lost a stone and half, gained a stone, blah, blah, and some other normal stuff.

I know, what you really want to know is, Craigis, when are you gonna get that pencil out agin? Well, I'm gona breathe some life back into this old blog shortly, for sure.

Some new artwork and details of another exhibition for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to follow shortly.


1 comment:

mrjusta said...

Bout bloody time lol !