Saturday, 10 May 2008

Traditional V Digital

Ok, so the regular blog update thing hasn't gone to plan.

I have a girlfriend thats about to give birth within 2 weeks and a home to decorate, so to the 3 regular followers of this blog, I apologise. As you can guess, I've had about as much spare time as an Austrian electrician. (is that too far?)

Back to the point, I said in my last blog post that I was going to give up the digital stuff for a bit. As it goes, all good in theory, but not so in reality. Truth is, my turnout isn't so hot without being attached to a Wacom tablet.

Over at the National Caricature Network , Bearded Belgian caricature guru, and all round nice guy, Jan Opdebeeck runs a monthly contest. Last month's subject was Matt Damon and the only rule is, that there is no digital input. "Great" I think. I'll fire in a reasonable entry... WRONG! For starters I posted a pencil sketch which I won't show here as it's as no more fun to look at as Vanessa Feltz in a 2 piece string bikini.

I scanned in the pencil sketch and after a couple of hours I came up with this digi painting done in PainterX

"not too bad" I think, " I can paint that no probs"

Soooo .......

Ok, I admit, not so good.... yet!

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ioo said...

Never become a master painter??Why? Do you have to? Matt Damon is't an easy subject, and i prefer your digital version! but your acrylic of gallagher is amazing! I hope you'll never say " hey! look at me i'm a master!" but we can say "hey this Rogalsky make f°°°ing good painting!"